Storage Containers

08-02-newimage-01Novastore plastic bins are strong, low cost, suitable for engineering components, medical items, food products, and the home handyman.

Novastore ‘Supra’ bins are a well-designed polypropylene small parts storage bin, made in
India for the world market. Literally millions of these bins have been produced and proven to be
extremely durable in the market.


Polypropylene is impervious to acid and alkaline, oils and most chemicals, and will withstand temperatures up to 125 deg C without distortion, for cleaning.
Novastore Supra bins are stocked in 5 colours to assist you with your inventory management.

Colours available:


Sizes range:

Part Number Length Width Depth
SB1 125 100 60
SB2 170 100 85
SB3 220 130 125
SB4 300 185 145
SB5 300 370 145
SB6 450 185 145
SB7 450 410 215

Price available on request.


Storage Systems


A very extensive selection is available including Mobile, Swivel Carousel, Static and Wall Mounted Novastore Mobile Parts Bins which are arranged in any way you choose.

Price available on request.